2018 BDAFA Competition Rules & Regulations

The 2018 BDAFA Competition Rules & Regulations have now been released for the forthcoming season.

A quick summary of changes made can be seen below:

A7.4 Players may play in a higher age group or division, throughout the regular season subject to:

a) No more than five (5) players can play in a higher age group or division in a single match.

b) Note:

i)  G17 and G18 players can play up to any AAM or PL Division (subject to Registration Regulations Paragraph B12.4);

ii) G35 Players can play in any AAM Division; and

iii) 45 can play in any G35 or AAM Division.

c)  No players in a team should be left out of the team for a match for players to participate under A7.4.  Any team that has been deemed by BDAFA to have done so will forfeit the match and be fined under the regulations.

d)  In regards to eligibility for the final series Paragraph A4.2 above applies.
This does not apply to Miniroos football.


A8.2 a) A player can play in the PL competition as many times as required, however any player transfer from these grades into a PL squad must be presented to BDAFA for approval.

C6.4 Completed Team Sheets for all matches must be lodged physically with or scanned & emailed to the BDAFA Office by 6pm on the Monday following the match.  If a club elects to they may scan and email the teamsheets to BDAFA then the teamsheets must still be physically delivered to the BDAFA office by the following Friday at 5pm.  The hosting Club must ensure these deadlines are met. Clubs may be fined for each Team Sheet not meeting the stated deadline.

Additionally, the Judiciary Process flow diagram has been again provided for Clubs information and clarity around BDAFA’s Judiciary process.  It is included as Schedule D4. At the end of the Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations.

If you want to brush up on the Regulations in more depth they are available below.
For any questions or queries please contact your Club Secretary.


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