BDAFA Ladies 2018 Competition Structure and Beyond

BDAFA and its member clubs have over the past year completed an extensive review of the Ladies Competition structures in an attempt to build and strength Ladies Football in Bankstown. Ultimately the goal is to help Ladies Football flourish in our area.

Goals for Ladies Football

  • To have a Girls only, Small Sided Football 5-11 competition running on Saturday, in line with boys Small Sided Football
  • To introduce grade 13,15 & 17 to the girl’s structure on Sundays. So, we will eventually have 12,13,14,15,16,17 & 18 running on Sundays
  • Introduce ladies 30+ Small Sided Football competition
  • Strengthen the All Age Ladies competition- build to 8-10 team divisions including Division 1.
  • Decrease player churn in the ladies by at a minimum 5% per year.
  • Increase Player participation by 5% minimum per year
  • To create stability and growth.

Strategies- Assessment points

  • Marketing directed at the 5-11 year old girl’s demographic
  • End of each season, beginning of August, assess the success/failure of the ladies’ competitions and ladies’/ girl’s numbers to plan for next year.
  • End of every April – build churn reports based on previous season. These are to be used to plan for the year coming and re-evaluate player participation trends.
  • Planning for the coming year to take place in July so that it is out to clubs & association by early September to allow for marketing plans to be developed.
  • Engage Ambassadors to further lift to profile of Ladies football in Bankstown, both to our clubs & the broader community.

Ideas/ Marketing: things to work on in 2018

  • Female football week
  • Multilingual pamphlets/ marketing
  • Need to get into schools, run lunch clinic with W league etc
  • Ask clubs to regularly post about ladies’ football and have BDAFA share via there media platforms.
  • Increase inter-club communication at registration time, to maximise girls and ladies playing. Sharing of excess players or enquires to other clubs if your club does not have a team
  • Off season coaching courses – pre-season
  • Regular gala days, girls only, which clubs can put a team together from within their club registered / not registered for social Football. Mid-season (holidays) or end of season. Week after finals.

Further information on how the competitions will be structured can be viewed below:

Competition Structure and Proposed Implementation

Grade 6 -11 Saturday

Goal: To have ALL Girls SSF competition running on Saturday G6,7,8,9,10,11

This goal will be a focus for any marketing as if we can build and retain girls in SSF we will see growth in 12+ age groups. The current issue we have is the varying ages in 12+ which creates grading issues in their respective competitions.


  • Align players in small sided football into Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced teams
  • Have mixed teams grouped together, which may include any all girl’s teams we may get. For example: if we have 1 all girls team and 4 clubs have a 50/50 mix the they will be grouped together. The idea is to build competitions so players do not leave while we build the girls numbers.
  • SSF all girls to start from Grade 8 onwards
  • Grade 6 & 7 still is the end goal if we have teams at any age the above will apply


  • Continue to build & Increase all girl’s teams in SSF from grade 8. This is the year we should see results from grouping players and marketing from previous year.
  • Continued marketing in this demographic


  • Have 1 all girl’s division in grade 8,9,10,11 with minimum of 6 teams


  • Introduce all girls Grade 6 & 7 if numbers allow.
  • Increase team numbers in G8-11


  • Have 2 all girl divisions in grade 8-11 with a minimum of 6 teams

Grade 12-18 Sunday

Goal: To have each age group represented on Sunday G12,13,14,15,16,17,18


  • Introduce Grade 17/18 ladies – This will be a predominantly 17’s competition having 4 teams from the 16’s potentially coming up. To make numbers up and possibly more teams we have included grade 18. We lose a lot of girls at 16-18, (148 age 12-18) most likely due to the prospect of playing up against the ladies.  This age group will require a bit of marketing/ clubs pushing through current players and schools to ensure we can get the numbers. Minimum 6 team competitions
  • Grade 12 ladies will be run as it was last year as SSF.
  • Grade 12,14,16 & 17/18


  • Introduce G13 if possible, numbers may not allow it, in which case it will be introduced the year after
  • Separate G17 & 18
  • Grade 12,14,16,17 & 18
  • POSS: Grade 12,13,14,16,17 & 18


  • Introduction on Grade 13 if not achieved already
  • Possible – Grade 15
  • Grade: 12,13,14,15,16,17 & 18


  • Introduction on Grade 15 if not achieved already
  • Build divisions in competitions that allow. If we have 10 team competitions, allow for where possible 2 divisions. Although this makes a small competition, but it allows for girls to be graded and therefore we retain girls as the competition is more fairly graded.
  • Grade 13,14,15,16,17 & 18


  • Build divisions in competitions that allow. If we have 10 team competitions, allow for where possible 2 divisions. Although this makes a small competition, but it allows for girls to be graded and therefore we retain girls as the competition is more fairly graded.
  • Aim for 10 team competitions if the above is not yet achievable.


All Age Ladies Sunday

Goal: To increase team numbers to create minimum 8 team competitions and additional divisions.

  • All Age Ladies will revert back to Divisions from 2018 onwards. There was a lot of positive feedback for PL ladies but the consensus was that we did not have the numbers or depth. Going back to divisions gives us a chance to build and strengthen the competition and if we see our numbers back up and 5 strong divisions we can revisit the PL idea.
  • 30+ SSF – to encourage time poor ladies or mums who don’t want their whole day/weekend taken up with soccer –


  • Create a 30+ SSF competition

This will run on a week night – current proposed for Friday

  • Same park – Grass
  • Same time
  • Same day
  • 7v7 20min each way
  • Can dual register
  • Start off with minimum teams to get running – 4
  • AAL Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3 – all these divisions should have at least 7 teams based on last year’s numbers


  • 30+ SSF Competition – Increased numbers – 2 divisions
  • Possibility of adding a AAL SSF competition – depending on end of year assessment and popularity.
  • 30+ SSF in summer Competition
  • AAL Div 1, Div 2 Div 3 – Depending on numbers and standings, Introduction of AAL Div 4


  • 30+ SSF & AAL Run if still popular & in summer competition
  • AAL Div 1, Div 2, Div 3 & Div 4 -17/18’s ladies ill have progressed into the AAL by now


  • 30+ SSF & AAL Run if still popular
  • AAL Div 1, Div 2, Div 3 & Div 4 – Minimum 8 team competitions. AAL Div 1 – push for 10 team to mirror PL men’s


  • 30+ SSF & AAL Run if still popular
  • AAL Div 1 – 10 team competitions
  • All other AAL 8-10 team competition