Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks (4-5 Years of Age)
10 Weeks Program | Min class size 6 max 10.Every Monday 22nd October to Monday 17th December

• We focus on creating a holistic learning environment which includes both individual football skills development and character shaping through group play.

Our Methodology: based on the problem-based learning concept which children thoroughly enjoy.

• The lessons are generally broken into parts as concentration spans are short, activities are short and sharp and the main objective is the FUN element:

Part 1 – Introduction to our Rondo games.

Part 2a – Individual balance and coordination in which we utilise small areas. The children go through a set of 8 distinct movements with the ball culminating in combinations of the moves which rapidly increases the player’s balance and coordination.

Part 2b – Is fun games which challenge the players to shield and dribble within small areas.

Part 3 – Is gameplay, which is usually broken down in several parts, with a variety of fun games.Including small sided games.

 *Note everything is done in small area to maximise touches.

Cost: $165 ($16.50 per session)

Venue: Neville Reserve, Bass Hill

Time: 4.30pm to 5.15pm