Centre of Excellence (COE)

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BUCOE aims to provide a holistic environment from which all players from the Bankstown district can receive access to a high level of football coaching. We aim to provide programs that cater to children of all levels. Football is no longer just an activity it is an essential element where children learn valuable life lessons. We aim to provide an environment where Mental, physical and emotional  intelligence can be nurtured and enhanced through our Philosophy and Methodologies.

The mission of BUCOE is to help foster young players’ physical, mental and social growth so they can reach their potential in life through their participation in football. The schoolwill endeavorto provide the highest quality staff, facilities, environment and curriculum to give players and coaches the tools to succeed.

We aim for those who graduate from the school to be quality players with a solid football foundation and good citizens.

Our core objective is to create an environment of excellence and of the highest standards in football and innovation.


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